Lingua Singapore is now a big player among a few others in the global market relating to this specific industry. We take pride in our work and the quality of the deliveries we make. Also, our customer satisfaction reports and testimonials are something to boast of. The motto followed by our organization is a simple one, with deep meaning.

“The Art and Science of Translation”, our missions statement, is one which brings out the dedication with which we try to bridge lingual gaps and create opportunities for businesses to surpass external issues and give their best shot to their client groups or consumer groups. The ‘art’ of translation is that while most people think that it simply takes a working knowledge of the logic of the language to reproduce certain text, languages have extremely detailed intricacies that take years and years of experience to understand.

Even if you understand these things in one language, it is quite difficult to reproduce the same meaning along with the sentiment and exact connotation in another, completely foreign language. It is even harder to produce the same outcome in all the different languages from different parts of the world that we specialize in. Even if the differences in language are resolved, there are other things to weave through like the similarities, for example.

Two words may be the same in two different languages; however, it is quite likely that those same two words are used differently. Another part of the art is that through language, you are also trying to understand culture. Most languages define cultures, and are spoken in certain countries because of some historical relation with people of different countries trying to perform the same tasks regarding communication. Today we have much more advanced techniques, and for very different purposes.

The science of our motto lies in the fact that we use cutting-edge technology solutions to ensure that our process is efficient and error-free. Providing such large amounts of content and processing the details of such massive volumes can become quite a tedious process. Organizations can only function as efficiently as their systems allow them. With our TAM system and other systems in the process, we provide excellent quality in record time.

Our quality analysts are top notch, and our workforce is extremely competent. We have effectively devised a system which cannot falter. This science may seem easy; however, the truth is it takes years of experience and hard work to properly put it to test. Now that it is in place and standing steady, we are ready to take on further challenges and continue to look for opportunities for use to simplify communication.


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