Interpretation involves the process where there are two individuals and two interpreters to help the people communicate even though they speak different languages. A voice-over is simply one of our experts speaking on your behalf in the desired language. Expert actors with experience in different languages help you get across powerful messages without any lingual barriers.


Simultaneous Interpreting

In simultaneous interpreting (SI), interpreters render the message in the target language almost immediately after the source language is spoken while the source language speaker continuously speaks. Interpreters are usually equipped with headsets that are linked to the speaker’s microphone to ensure that they can hear the speaker clearly. The interpreters can be located a distance away from the speaker but in the same room, ideally in soundproof booths, observing the conference.

Simultaneous interpreting service is commonly required at international conferences. Due to the intensive nature of simultaneous interpreting, at least two or more simultaneous interpreters are usually required at a conference so that they can alternate.


Consecutive Interpreting

In consecutive interpreting (CI), interpreters render the message after the source language speaker has finished speaking. The speech is usually broken up into small segments, and the interpreter sits beside the speaker, processing the interpretation as the speaker progresses through the message.

Consecutive interpreting is commonly needed for interviews, business meetings, medical consultation, marriage registration, press releases, court hearing, etc. where the number of people who require interpreting is small. Only one interpreter is usually required for each speaker.

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