We provide exceptional quality translation and localization services. Our thorough work has been appreciated by many organizations, and Lingua Singapore now has a network of over ten thousand translators in different parts of the world. The number on the task force along with their multi-lingual and multi-cultural aspects makes us one of the pioneers of bridging communication gaps. Put this together with the fifteen years of experience that we have and you get a very capable organization who can handle many different areas of content and translation services.


Project managers and team leads are professionals with years of hands-on experience. With the help of their guidance, every individual who works with us is fully capable and aware of the technicalities involving bridging language barriers. We are lucky to have a commendable list of customers who have been happy with the translation and localization services that we provide. We have come a long way in spreading our network further so that we are more able at what we do. Excellence in our performance is what we strive to provide and continue to do so as we move forward.

A long and tedious process of translating, editing, proofreading, and then validating ensures that the translation work is done in the best possible manner. The professionals performing each of these individual tasks are trained in their areas of expertise and are fully competent. Quality of work is something we take pride in, and are known to deliver. We translate work in a variety of languages.

We have experts in certain variants of Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and quite a few popular Asian languages. There are a number of Asian languages that are not so widely spoken, but are important nonetheless. Khmer and Sinhalese are also languages that we translate in. Our professionals are just as well-versed among the European languages. French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, languages spoken in the Scandinavian countries and even eastern European languages such as Russian and Polish.

We even have people who are experts in older languages like Latin. While Asia and Europe cover quite a few of the languages in the world, we understand that sometimes this is not enough for us to be called multi-lingual in its true sense. There are a host of African and Persian languages that we provide translation and localization services for as well. Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Swahili, Afrikaans, Somali and Zulu are among the various dialects that our team is adept at.

We provide certified translation, technical writing, editing, publishing, transcriptions, interpretations, and voice-over services as well. We have cutting edge solutions to some of the mentioned issues so that we remain one of the most trusted organizations in our field. Our developers have come up with efficient software tools for us to work with, and we have an excellent team of managers who work with others and make sure the process goes according to plan.


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